Grain and Equipment Sheds - Archwall

Versatile and with over a half-century of proven performance, the Archwall is a standard in today's multi-use, on-farm storage. A Meridian shed is made using 100% steel construction that is easy to assemble and expand. Our ISO Certification means your product is precision manufactured every time. From equipment to crops, a Meridian shed can store it all.

Key Features:

  • Spans of 12.2m, 15m, 15.5m, 18.9m, 20.7m, 26.4m, 27.4m, 30.5m and 33.5m
  • Heavy gauge roof and wall panels come in Galvanized steel or pre-painted
  • Equipment doors span 12.2m x 6m
  • Man doors 914mm x 2133mm
  • 114mm and 200mm corrugated panels
  • Simple to follow construction and foundation details specific to each building
  • Bolt down, formed-footing channel for easy connection to foundation
  • Wide range of building accessories available
  • Limitless applications; agricultural, industrial, commercial and aviation

Grain and Equipment Sheds - CORR-SPAN

A unique pre-engineered steel building concept that offers visual appeal, creative versatility and durability, while at the same time, capitalizing on a construction technique that realizes savings in time, labour and materials.

Key Features:

  • Clearspan Pre-Engineered Steel Building
  • Limitless design combinations
  • Capable of clear spans up to 91.4m
  • Quick and easy construction
  • Higher R-values achieved at lower costs
  • Energy efficient
  • Cost-effective foundations
  • Maintenance-free interiors and exteriors
  • Superior weather-tightness
  • Complete single-source building system