If you need a dependable, long-lasting auger with an industry-best warranty, you need a Meridian auger. When grain is your livelihood you want to ensure it’s handled in a safe and efficient manner. We understand how valuable time can be during the harvest and grain transport stages, which is why we manufacture augers that help you save time and money. Meridian augers are built with durable parts and cutting-edge designs that treat your crops with the care they deserve. We are devoted to producing the best auger on the market today, so every auger we make is backed with an industry-leading, three-year warranty. It’s time to make your move to a faster, safer and more efficient Meridian auger.

Download Meridian Conventional Auger Brochure (PDF, 1278KB)

Download Meridian Swing Away Auger Brochure (PDF, 870KB)