Meridian in Australia

Meridian may be new to Australia, but we’ve been helping farmers the world over with their grain storage and handling needs since 1948. From the date of our founding we have been consistently at the forefront of agricultural innovation. Our product offering includes silos, augers, galvanized grain rings and storage sheds, and our commitment to quality - a commitment reflected in our industry-first three-year warranty on grain augers - has remained the same.

With the elimination of the single-desk wheat marketing board in Australia, efficient grain handling and reliable on-farm storage is more important than ever. Meridian offers the reliability you need and the protection you deserve - the reliability and protection that meet the needs of today’s Australian farmers. In addition to our superior manufacturing and warranty specifications, we only employ the best and most knowledgeable people in the field, ensuring any and all concerns are managed in a timely manner. At Meridian we believe that committed people who go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction are the perfect complement to our world-class grain handling and storage solutions.

We’re proud to be helping farmers in Australia to reach their fullest potential. Contact Meridian today and see how our experience can be put to work for you.

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